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    15 Free Activities to Do With Your Kids

    Before I had Haven (my first), I had visions of taking her all over the place with me. I’d carry her in a Moby baby wrap, and we’d explore the zoo, the aquarium, shop, go to the movies, eat at…

  • Some people just don't know how to talk to pregnant women. The next time someone mentions the word "big" in relation to your tummy, just point them to this blog post.
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    How to Talk to A Pregnant Lady

    “Do you feel fat?” At nine months pregnant, I’d gotten my share of tactless comments. I learned that most people knew how to talk to pregnant women, including my sister’s 3, 5, 7, and 9- year-old kids, but some people struggled.…

  • Becoming a new mom is stressful! Here are a few inexpensive, yet easy ways to help out.
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    5 Ways To Help New Moms

    For years, I was scared of the first few weeks after giving birth. I had this before I even had my first boyfriend or my first kiss. I’m not sure why because it wasn’t like I had a ton of…